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Friday, April 8, 2011

The Princess of Upper East Side

Last night, I was at home, with my mom, and we saw againg, the last season of Sex & the City,and as always, I'm  fascinated with impeccable style of Charlotte.

I LOVE everything she wear! She's always perfect, with pastel colors, perfect straight or soft weavy hair, soft make up, and a real preppy pink& Green Style, even when she's pregnant.

Her amazing Wedding Dress. This is one of the most beautiful model, I've ever seen

Elegant Made of Honor, in black

Natural Look

Princess of the Upper East Side

Pretty in Pink

Whit the perfect dog, Elizabeth Taylor.

Beautiful Ralph Lauren Coat.

In Green

Very Preppy with Headband

Pregnant but stylish

Prep Mommy

Burberry tranch Coat

Pink&Green (OMG Carry, what are you wearing O_o)

What's the Charlotte do you like the most? I love the Natural Look.

XoXo Luxie.

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