"I don't want realism. I want magic! Yes, yes, magic. I try to give that to people. I do misrepresent things. I don't tell truths. I tell what ought to be truth." -Blanche DuBois -

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Have a Nice Weekend

I would like to wish to all of you a Great Weekend with your family, friends or on your own.Sometimes being alone with a good book or movie it's the better way to spend spare time.

See you soon, and have fun! XoXo

Friday, April 29, 2011

Lilly Pulitzer Royal Wedding

Lilly Pulitzer post on Facebook a personal Pink&Green version of the Royal Wedding. I think it's extremely cute. What do you think?



Princess Wedding Dress

Kate Middelton Wedding dress is by is by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. It’s a fitted white v-neck gown with “a long-sleeved lace overlay” with a “a two-meter, 70-centimeter train,” according to "Peopole".
The dress was made by hand, using French Chantilly lace and English Cluny lace throughout the bodice, skirt and underskirt.

Her sister Pippa, wears Alexander McQueen too.

Some people said tahta dress is too simple, but in my opinion I think she was perfect, beuatiful, elegnat and like a real princess. The Veil too was simple but really elegant and right for a young and modern woman. She have a natural elegance.
She also wear a Cartier 'halo' tiara.
Her dress reminds me a lot to the Grace Kelly's wedding dress of 1956 marriage with the Prince Ranieri of Monaco. Like Kate she hadn't blue blood, but in my opionion there's no princesses with royal roots, elegant, chic and sophisticated like Grace Kelly. Maybe in the future, Kate will become the new Grace.

Source by People.com

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gossip Girl Princess and the Frog 4x20

O.M.G I can't live without Gossip Girl! This Show is amazing and the triangle between Chuck, Blair, and Dan is so exciting! I'm sorry for the sweet Dan, but Chuck& Blair are born to be together. Llike Chuck said "I'm Chuck Bass, the love of her lfe..." there's no need of other words.

Blair is always so stylish and perfect.
In the 19th episode, "Pretty in pink", she wore a wonderful pink dress Oscar de la Renta, and Swarovski nacklace.

Waiting for the next episode, and the next fabolus dress of our "It Girl".


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all of you, I hope you have a fun a joyfull day with your family and friends with a lot of Eggs & Bunnies!

This  sheeps are super cute...

Have a nice and perfect day. XoXo. Luxie

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lilly Pulitzer new arrivals!

The new Spring 2011 by  Lilly Pulitzer is a bloom of colour and simple but elegant cut! Must have, for every preppy girl, around the world. Here there's some of my favourite. I hope you like it!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Southern wisdom

I'm reading this amazing book by Loraine Despres, and it's really fun & useful.

Here there's some tips that you can find:

How to Make Conversation:

Men always find themselves the most fascinating subject of any conversation. When in doubt, let him talk about himself. He’ll think you’re a brilliant conversationalist. Rule Number 11

Laugh at his wit, and he’ll admire your sense of humor. Rule Number 13

Let him know you think he’s intelligent and he’ll be awed by your perspicacity, even if he can’t pronounce the word. Rule Number 15


It’s OK for a woman to know her place. She just shouldn’t stay there. Rule Number 48

Don’t jump off the roof, if you don’t expect to hit the ground. This bit of wisdom comes from Sissy’s Suffragist grandmother, Belle Cantrell. Rule Number 62

You have to take your life into your own hands otherwise you can be damned sure, someone else will take it in theirs. Rule Number 32

How to Get His Attention at a Party:

Look at him over your shoulder or up at him through your eyelashes, and he’ll salivate like a Pavlovian dog. Pat the seat next to you and he’ll come bounding across the room. It’s usually ok, to let him sit on the furniture. Rule Number 5

This book teaches to the girls how to behave,and respecting old values ​​of the south, but up to date, in our times. Mrs Loraine Despres writes very well, and I think that all of you coul fall in love with this book.

XOXO Luxie

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring, Spring, Spring

Happy Saturday to everyone!! It's a cold sunny day here, and the weather is amazing. I love this season, the sun,  flowers,  birds that made their nests, the nature in bloom, everythinfg it's fantastic.

On the net, I've found this cute site. whit amazing dresses. Very romantic I hope you like it.

For the pics, thanks to Renay of http://hunnylovins.blogspot.com/

To all of you, have a great week end with a lot of fun, love & Pink&Green.

XOXO Luxie

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Princess of Upper East Side

Last night, I was at home, with my mom, and we saw againg, the last season of Sex & the City,and as always, I'm  fascinated with impeccable style of Charlotte.

I LOVE everything she wear! She's always perfect, with pastel colors, perfect straight or soft weavy hair, soft make up, and a real preppy pink& Green Style, even when she's pregnant.

Her amazing Wedding Dress. This is one of the most beautiful model, I've ever seen

Elegant Made of Honor, in black

Natural Look

Princess of the Upper East Side

Pretty in Pink

Whit the perfect dog, Elizabeth Taylor.

Beautiful Ralph Lauren Coat.

In Green

Very Preppy with Headband

Pregnant but stylish

Prep Mommy

Burberry tranch Coat

Pink&Green (OMG Carry, what are you wearing O_o)

What's the Charlotte do you like the most? I love the Natural Look.

XoXo Luxie.