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Friday, August 19, 2011

Fashion Icon: Gwyneth Paltrow Naturally Elegant

Since I was a little girl, and I saw this beautiful woman in Shakespeare in Love, knew she'll be my fashion icon. I love Grace Kelly, and Gwyneth is her perfect heiress. She's elegant, beautiful, intelligent and talented. If you never see her blog, i suggest you to take a look. Goop.com is a great and funny experience about, fashion, food travel and daily routine, everything trough the great taste of Mrs.Paltrow.
Spain On the Road Again is one of my favourite show, and you must see it. It's a beautiful roadtrip trough Spain, with art, food&wine.


  1. I'll first start off by saying, I think Gwyneth Paltrow is an attractive woman. She has a thin physique and is a talented actress and singer.

    With that being said, I found it interesting that you linked her to fashion. I have never really been wowed by her style, considering it has never stood out to me as either unique or stunning. As a matter of fact, I have actually never really heard of anyone mention Paltrow and style in the same sentence.

    Your title of this post was Fashion Icon: Gwyneth Paltrow Naturally Elegant

    Sure, you could say she is naturally pretty; however, I do not agree that you could call her elegant. Elegant is pretty much the synonym of classy, right? I, personally, wouldn't associate the word "elegant" with a person who is willing to be photographed topless and wearing see-through tights.

    I just found it somewhat amusing that you would chose a picture such as that to add on your post that spoke of fashion.

    Thanks for an entertaining post.

  2. Well, I expressly choose this pics, because I think she's really elegant, even in topless,beacuse of her inner class. The elegance, isn't made by clotes,and I think that pic isn't gross or something like that, but artistic. I find her really feminine and classy, and I think she's a real lady in her own skin.

    I think that this woman has a great style,she's mentioned in many fashion magazine like Elle, Vogue,Marie Claire and she had a lots of cover on Vanity Fair about her style.

    So I find funny, that you think she has nothing in common with fashion. She's always compared to Grace Kelly, because of her taste, elegance and style. Even the most important voice in fashion evironment, Anna Wintour (Vogue's editor-in-chief ), loves G. style, and often mention her on Vogue like "her kind of girl".

    Well, this is my own opinion, but if you don't like her,I think it's only about personal taste. Right?
    I like to hear different point of view, it's really interesting. Thank you.