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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Summer Skirt Perfection by Lilly Pulitzer

The breezy fun, summer-chic Avery -it's the kind of skirt that make you smile. ^_^

(Avery skirt)

(Roslyn skirt-printed) 

  (Tate skirt-printed)

(Whitley skirt-printed)
This one is my fav. so cute with that big flower.

(Erin Skirt) 

(Naava Wrap skirt printed)

(Roslyn skirt printed) 

(Cricket skirt printed) 

(Whitley skirt) 

(Avery skirt) 

and last but not least

(Whitley skirt)
This one is really, really adorable.

And a little extra from Lilly's accesories for a brighter summer

For your hands:

(Critter Cluch)
in three diffrent colours.

(Dress to impress)
Printed bag with gold bamboo handles.

(Shell shocked clutch) 

For your feet:

(Just a little knotty wedge)

(Starstruck Sandal)

You can buy all this lovely things here:

Hope you like it, and don't forget to leave  a commet!
love you all. XoXo

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